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Discussion created by Simone Boscarato on Feb 20, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2007 by Thierry Giraud
I really hope somebody can help me, both from freescale and users. I have contacted freescale as I need a flash programmer for the lite5200b (we use QNX, so we don't need the full development environment). This was the answer:
"there is a stand-alone flash programmer part number for PPC that works for the 5200B. That is what this customer needs. Part number is CWS-PPC-FLASH-CX. NOTE: this will NOT work for MPC 5xx or 55xx processors but will work for MPC 5200B assuming we support their flash device."
So i bought today the software and in the online store I got the code automatically changed to DLS-PPC-FLASH-CX which means a 8.6 downloadable version of code warrior with flash programming only (and all the other features disabled). From what I know, 8.6 doesn't include support for 5200b. I need the previous version 8.5. Is anybody using the 8.6 version with lite5200B??
thanks in advance,