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how to debug the kernel when it stops at kernel booting?

Discussion created by jill jlu@comnav.com on Aug 3, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2011 by jill jlu@comnav.com

I've a custom designed i.mx25 board. the board has nothing except a CAN, 2G NAND, 64MB DDR2, UART, some buttons, a clone to the 3 stack board for what it has. One PCB loads the kernel all right, another PCB, which is the 2nd layout and supposely better one, stops after "decompressing... done. booting kernel". I tried all kinds of kernel configuration in order to trace down where the problem comes from, but none gives me more info. among the configurations I've tried, "low-level debug functions" had caused periodic reset, "debug shared IRQ handlers" and "detect soft lockups" had caused unrecognisable bad data crc image file.

how can i trace down the problem?