Fernando Maesso

DEMO9S12NE64 dont run in normal mode

Discussion created by Fernando Maesso on Feb 20, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2007 by Carlos Candido
My english is very bad, sorry!
Im using the DEMO9S12NE64 with demotcp. Whem I run the demo in the debug mode the DEMO9S12NE64 send a message in TCP and UDP protocol. When I start the DEMO9S12NE64 with SW3 in the position 1, the webserver run, dhcp run but the message in TCP or UDP protocol dont run. Im setting the PLL like this:

PLLCTL_PLLON = 0; /* Disable the PLL */
SYNR = 15; /* Set the multiplier register */
REFDV = 15; /* Set the divider register */
PLLCTL = 112;
while(!CRGFLG_LOCK); /* Wait */
CLKSEL_PLLSEL = 1; /* Select clock source from PLL */

what happen?