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__rom_copy_info; where do I get more info on that??

Discussion created by Alwin Lutz on Feb 19, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2013 by nithinramakrishna

I am new to the Codewarrior development suite and have had some problems to understand it. But here is one that seems to be a very fundamental and simple issue that anybody would come across at the beginning of the embedded software development.

I need to store my initialized data (.data) in flash rom and copy it upon startup from rom to ram where it will be accessed and used. I started developing the link command file (lcf)but can not find any info on how to do that!! I came accross the following items,
without any detailed description:
BIND, which is a lcf command doing what??
LOAD, which seems to be another lcf command doing something...
__rom_copy_info *dci

I know that "void __init_data(void)" which comes with Codewarrior does exactly what I need,
but I do not know how to generate the information that __init_data needs.

Any help or suggestions where to find more info will be greatly appreciated!!