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M53322Demo - Freescale Webserver bug?

Discussion created by James Corcoran on Feb 18, 2007
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Hi all,

I'm using the M53322Demo board with the latest version of the firmware (off freescale's page). Not that t his should be relevant, but I am running CodeWarrior v6.3

My problem is that I wish to use a set of javascript libraries that are larger than the available space for web content (128kb). The libraries alone are about 400kb in size. I am attempting to get around this limitation by hosting the javascript files on another webserver, and then including the files in the head of the html page.

For some reason when I include multiple js files in the head, the page will not load and the M52233Demo board will become unresponsive to both http requests and through the serial connection. At this point I must manually reset the board.

I am not sure if the number of included js files is the key (causing the crash) or if it is the size of these js files.

It is my understanding that the webserver only needs to provide the link to the included javascript files, and not actually supply them, the web browser would download them when loading the page for the correct source.

Can anyone offer some help as to resolving this issue. I am working on a project for school and am on a tight schedule, any help would be greatly appreciated.

An example page which will crash the embedded webserver is attached (change test.html.txt to test.html).

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