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MCF52233 bootloader with TFTP and DHCP client

Discussion created by Peter Kirketerp Hansen on Feb 17, 2007
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I need to download and/or reload the firmware for my MCF52233 device via the Ethernet.

I have an application running on the NicheLite stack. I am only using the UDP interface to send data logs from my embedded device to a server application.

Right know I am using the dBUG from Freescale but it is too large, I am planning on using the MCF52230 with only 128Kb on the final product.

Therefore I need a small bootloader with TFTP and DHCP client to

  1. Obtain an IP adr from the DHCP server at power up first time
  2. Check the current SW version on the TFTP server and replace the SW if needed.

 Any help?

Regards Peter Kirketerp

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