Jaroslaw Mlynarczyk

hc908qb8 problem with CodeWarrior.

Discussion created by Jaroslaw Mlynarczyk on Feb 17, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2007 by Jaime Andres Morales

I've got problem with debugging my program in CodeWarrior 5.0. I'm initializing the KBIPR - keyboard polarity register, pins KBI3, KBI1 and KBI0 are rising edge sensitive.
I've experienced strange behavior of the simulator. It says that im attempting to write an unimplemented memory at address 0x001C. According to datasheet the KBIPR register occupies this location.
Futhermore, I've searched all files with "qb8" phrase and found that me and the datasheet are right - my register is at the address 0x001C.
So where's the bug? Is there a file containing MCU's memory mapping (register mapping) I've missed in my searches? How to fix this?