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One main file, multiple secondary source file inclusion

Question asked by Leonardo Lara Tajiri on Feb 16, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2007 by Leonardo Lara Tajiri
Hi! I'm used to organize my software projects around one main file and may other auxiliary source code files. The main one just have a main loop and some call for subroutines that are witten in the other source files. This structure works fine becouse halps me in the software development and i the documentation.

Now I'm trying to use this aproach in CW for HC(S)08 V5.7, to build a code for a 9S08GT32 controller.

I first started with an Absolute Assembly project, because it seemed to best fit my needs. Thus, I started having some problems because, as an example, no variable defined in the RAM.asm file is able to be recognized in the other source files. The same thing happens whith symbols and other labels. I'v tried to use XDEF and XREF, but the compiles shows me a message about redefinig a symbol.
I'v even tried to use a Relocatable Assmby project, but I had the same overlaping or non recognizing symbols problem.
I think I'm problaby doing something wrong in my include file definitions or label definitions. Do anyone have an idea about what can I do to solve this problem? I Attached my projec folder, so, if someone could take a quick look for me, I'd be really tahnkfull

The codes in the secondary source files are note completed and the comments are in portugeese, but I think that won't prevent you to have an idea about what is happenning.
There are also some comments in the code lines and in some directive, as a history of all things I'v tried.

Thanks so much!