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How to extract information from the project.abs.s19 file?

Question asked by Daniel Thysell on Feb 16, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2007 by Daniel Thysell
I run a HCS08 and am using CW5.0.
My setup is that I have an application and a bootloader, these seem to work allright. What I wonder now is how to extract the relevant information from the project.abs.s19 file? How do I parse it so that I know which bytes are the interruptvectors and which bytes are the application and so on.
I want to do this because my Flash is divided into three sections... One large that contains the application, the second is a small one that contains the bootloader and the third one is as big as the first one... I want to transfer a new application to this last section... But the problem is what to send to this section? The project.abs.s19 file seems to bee to large... so I wonder how to parse it into the different parts of the program...
Is this doable?
thank you