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PLL on AP32 is not functioning

Discussion created by pablo palomba on Feb 16, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2007 by pablo palomba
I´m using a 908AP32CB, and I´have a problem, when I try to use a XTAL of 32.768 KHz it doesn´t work, but if I use a XTAL of 9.8304Mhz it does.
I´m using CW 5.0 and I enables by bean, the PLL in all speeds when I use the 32.768Khz Xtal, I´m using all recommended values, it means, 10Mohm, series 330K, 15pF caps, and CGM circuit 1Kohm 220nF and 10nf. I´ve got two AP32, and the results is the same.
I saw all messages refered to PLL, but...
More I probed an external oscilator of 32.768Khz and the same, The AP32 doesn´t work!
I probed with three differents Xtals.
I need a bus of 8 Mhz!
So if anyone can help me I will appreciate a lot!.

Thanks and regards!