Bart Ingles

Trouble single-stepping on MPC8360E

Discussion created by Bart Ingles on Feb 15, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2007 by Pascal Irrle
Using CW 8.6 (Solaris host) on the mpc8360e-mds eval board.  Board rev is "pilot 1.3", cpu rev is 1.2 (pvr=80830020).
Scenario:  set two break points, say two machine instructions apart, in non-ISR code.  Everything works OK until interrupts are enabled (the QE timer is generating a periodic interrupt).
With interrupts enabled, then whenever I break in non-ISR code, "Step In" or "Step Over" takes me into the ISR at 0x0500.
If I click "Run" instead at the first breakpoint, it just sits there.  Apparently the IRQ is handled, then it returns to the same address without advancing.  But if I clear the first breakpoint and click RUN, it runs and stops at the second breakpoint as expected.  So the only way to step through non-ISR code is to clear the current breakpoint and set another at the next address and click RUN.
Seems to run OK when I remove the breakpoints.
Any suggestions?  At this point I can tell whether the problem is the PowerTAP Pro, CodeWarrior, the CPU revision, or my initialization code (currently minimal, not using MMU etc.)