Bob Pomeroy

Plug-ins: Direct mode examples

Discussion created by Bob Pomeroy on Jul 19, 2011

I've modified the demo code to display alternating black and white frames at a 10 Hz rate and am not all that happy with the results.  The demo is running in Buffered mode which appears to be the easiest to use.  I would like to be able to display runtime gen'd arrays of icon sized array data (32x32x16bpp) in an area about 400x300. 

Q1)  Does anyone have an example of using direct mode?

Q2)  Has anyone tried using OpenGL ES 2.0 directly?  I would like to setup a simple double buffered arrangement but not experienced using OpenGL.  I did this using WinCE 6.0 R3, Silverlight for Embedded, and DirectDraw with excellent results but not sure how to do this with OpenGL 2.0 ES.

Q3) Does OpenGL ES 2.0 have the capability to upscale a low res image (32x32) into a higher res image (400x300) and do it using an interpolating algorithm on the GPU?  If so, does anyone have sample code I could look at?


My current task is to evaluate Inflexion UI on Linux with the primary functionality being to display runtime gen'd bitmaps of 32x32 at a 10 Hz rate onto a field about 400x300.  I'm developing this evaluation on an i.MX53 QSB.  I've taken the approach of using Inflexion plug-ins.  For expediency, I've chosen to simply modify the code-behind file of the plug-in module in the demo code.


Any help is greatly appreciated.