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Question asked by Rony Ferzli on Feb 14, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2007 by John Whitney
I am the TA of the Real Time DSP course at Arizona State University.
One month ago I contacted for support since we have online students and need to access CodeWarrior remotely.
One week later, the support responded with a new license file that supports terminal services.
I tried the license but it didn't work, I made sure through the IT people at ASU that it is not a firewall problem with the server.
I contacted back  (for than once) saying we have an issue with the license where the License Authorization fails.
It's been now three weeks and still no reply.
Now online students cannot perform the lab!
I wonder if someone is monitoring the inbox of
In addition, I put a service request on freescale website with high priority, after a while my request was forwared to and the service request is now closed.
I don't know whom to contact, any ideas??