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How to Change M52233DEMO MAC address?

Discussion created by James Corcoran on Feb 13, 2007
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I've got a M52233Demo Boad here, running CodeWarrior 6.3 build 14.

I have loaded the latest version of the TCP/IP Web Server from the freescale page.
I've been looking for a way to change the ethernet mac address, but have not found a method that works. I assumed this value would be stored in some variable in one of the c files, but I have not been able to find anything that works.

I have noticed this interesting comment though in the main.c source:

/* We set the station's Ethernet physical (MAC) address
* from the address already in use by dBUG. This prevents
* ARP problems on the decelopment server. Production systems
* usually read this from flash or eprom.

Can the address referenced above (the one in use by dBUG) be changed?

I'm very new to the coldfire chips. Any help would be appreciated.