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Simple on/off microcontroller?

Discussion created by handofthesith handofthesith on Feb 13, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2007 by Joerg Schnyder

Hey guys, I'm new here and also rather new to electronics.

I've been trying to find a way to make a momentary push button (push and hold in to keep on, release to turn off) act like a regular on/off switch (push to turn on, push again to turn off). This pushbutton is meant to control a simple LED.

My original idea was to use the following circuit:



My project however is being powered by two 1.5v button cell batteries, and the inverters would still draw power even when 'off'.

I am looking for a solution that will make my LED turn on when the momentary pushbutton is pressed, and turn off if pressed again, and doesn’t consume power while off.
A Microcontroller was recommended, but I don't know what exactly I should be looking for. My project is very tiny, making use of a tactile switch no taller then 0.55mm and the LED is 0.8mm in height.

What type of Microcontroller should I be looking for?
Presuming there is a microcontroller out there that meets my needs, what other components are necessary?

I appreciate your help and if any more information is needed just let me know.