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Ethernet messaging slowing down

Discussion created by Robert Hohentanner on Feb 13, 2007
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  I'm brand new to Coldfire, Codewarrior and Interniche mini-sockets. I'm using a M52235 Coldfire part and trying to get data in and out of it using Ethernet. I can get a socket to open, receive data and send data, but after about the first 10 packets, the response time slows from about 2mS to about 200mS. The packets are relatively small, only about 80 bytes in length. Eventually I will need to service about 5 sockets at a time and run a web server on the part along with running the true application. I've used several different micros and TCP/IP stacks in the past and never been as confused as I am with this setup. Is there a good place to get example code of basic TCP/IP setup and operation using this part and tools?
 I think part of my problem is that progra is trying to write to the console with every Ethernet transaction and I'm sure that's slowing things down. Is there someway to completely disable and shutdown the console and debug printing? I've removed of the defines associated with these things and still get dtraps and other things printing out the serial port.
Thanks, Bob