Flash Mass Erase 9s12X

Discussion created by MARIO OSEJOS on Feb 13, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2007 by kef
I am using the 9s12X512
Question is regrading using the Flash mass erase command
I noticed in the docs it does divid the Flash in to BLOCKS, but where do the BLOCkS
begin. for example
Block 0
780000 - 79FFFF
Block 1
7A0000 - 7BFFFF
Block 2
7C0000- 7DFFFF
Block 3
7E0000- 7FFFFF
using PAGING to MASS erase BLOCK 0  I would use PPAGE = F8
and point to address 0x8000 and it will earse the whole BLOCK ?
Thank you in advance for any help