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1st steps in coldfire world: the bootstrap

Discussion created by Cyril Jousselin on Feb 12, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2007 by Cyril Jousselin
I have a flash PROM with a 'blink led' code inside, installed at adress 0 in the flash.
Some processors upload that code to internal RAM ( sometimes cache ) and run the startup code.
Some other processors transfer that code to external mem and branch on it to run it.

But what does the coldfire do exactly ?
The manual tells about several periph mapping registers. But to set these regs, a program needs to be running... where does this prog come from ? an external flasm PROM ? wich base adress is settable ? hmmm... really not clear.

Normally, the boot process is an extremely mechanism and on those wonderfull coldfire processors, it's really not clear.

Could any1 explain me the process please ?
thx in advance for your help.