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iMX53 USB OTG endpoint 2-7 enable operation issue

Discussion created by wu victor on Jul 7, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2011 by wu victor

hi guys.

i found something really confusing.

i reference from linux code, i'm not using linux. i want to config the USB OTG core to work as device.

i enable the endpoint 0, and it works fine. i event can pass the device enumeration process with host (PC).

but after that the other endpoints can not work. i can not capture bulk data from USB bus. since the endpoints initializations are all passed. but the endptctrl1-7 is still 0. that means these endpoints are failed to be enabled.

after my testing, i found if only i enable endpoint 1 first, then i can capture buld data via endpoint 7. i can get the interrupt from endpoint 7. but the value of endptctr7 is still 0.


so confusing.

so is there anyone could supply me advices.


many thanks.