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52235 - sprintf x violation access interrupt

Discussion created by ricardo ricardo on Feb 12, 2007
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Hello guys
I posted a SR (below) along Freescale today.
If you could provide me some help/comment I will appreaciate it a lot ..!!Thanks
Hi Freescale.
 I created a 1000 bytes console_buffer to serve as a console debug via serial port (only tx work).For each application event, I transmit a respective frame over the serial port in order the application can be observed through the hyperterminal screen.A pointer scheme was created to allow more then 1 event be generated at time, therefore pushing its frame over such console_buffer.The problem is, I am going to violation access interrupt vector (#2) frequently when a frame is been transnmitted at the same time sprintf is called to write the next frame in the console_buffer.Besides this vector#2, some variables are crashed without reasons, a typical stack size problem (currently 2Kbytes, enough I believe..).BUT, If I before the sprintf call I disable the interrupts (sr=2700 etc..), and so enable it back after the calling, the problem disappear.The interrupt serial TX function is very simple...just a comparsion between pointer and data size..I don´t know what kind of information I can provide, but..here I am...However keep on mind the detail about disable interrupts at sprintf call..Some special care about sprintf stack,timming,parameters?Realize such buffer is used at the same time by sprintf and tx interrupt