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12 bit ADC returns 3009 for VDD?

Discussion created by Mehmet Fide on Feb 9, 2007
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I've  two batteries in my application to measure with ADC. I have some questions.
The function below returns 1483 when I select the channel as internal bandgap reference that is 1.2V. This is ok because 4095 * 1,2V / 1483 = 3.3V that is my MCU and ADC supply. If I choose the channel as VDD, VDDA, VDDSW or VDDASW (I don't excatly know what are the differences between them), same function returns 3009 for me and this correspond to 3009 * 1.2V / 1483 = 2.44V. I was expecting its to return 4095. Why does this happen?
If the MCU and ADC high reference voltages are same and 3.3V, and if AD0 channel is connected to a battery that is 3.6V over a 1K resistor, what should the function return for AD0 channel? Isn't it 4095?
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unsigned int ReadADCChannel(unsigned char ch){  unsigned char i, resh, resl;  unsigned int result, total = 0;    //low power, fbus/4, long sample, 12bit, BusClk(fBus=~6.2Mhz)  ADCCFG = 0b11010100;     ADCSC2 = 0;  ch &= 0b00011111; // choose the channel    for(i=0; i < 16; i++)  {        ADCSC1 = ch;      while(!ADCSC1_COCO);      resh = ADCRH;    resl = ADCRL;    result = ((unsigned int)resh << 8) | resl;    total += result;  }    ADCSC1 = 0b00011111; // module disable      return(total / 16);}

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