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52233 Demo, NicheLite and RTOS porting

Discussion created by Joseph Stepien on Feb 8, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2007 by Joseph Stepien
I'm perusing the demo board code CodeFire_Lite.mcp which came with the board.  It has it's own OS that does some yielding of tasks, blocking, etc - ie cooperative multi-tasking.  It looks to make some possible accommodations to port to a different OS via the osporttk.c  which shows definitions of macros TK_APP_BLOCK, TK_NETRX_BLOCK, etc. (and possibly elsewhere?).  Has anyone tried to port their own RTOS in place of the existing one or is the existing one too inextricably entwined within that code?
We'd prefer to port an application currently run on the 5213x ColdFire over to 52235 in order to replace an existing Lantronix XPort IP device interface and use the capabilities of 52235.  But we'd like to minimize impact on existing code base using our existing pre-emptive time-sliced RTOS.  Note that our existing RTOS is only 5K or so in size so it's not a behemoth in terms of sucking resources.
Can anyone advise whether this adventure is possible or would it be ill-advised for reasons that aren't readily apparent in short study of that code?  Is the arrival rate of Ethernet packets possibly too high to allow much time for other processing w/o dropping packets?  Judicious filtering of packets a possible remedy?