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gstreamer framework on i.mx53loco

Discussion created by YuLin YuLin on Jul 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2011 by Phil Endecott

I'm using i.mx53loco.


In addition, the kernel and the rootfs come from linaro.org.


The rootfs is a 11.06 ubuntu from linaro.

I try to install some packages/softwares related to i.mx53 into it.


I recompile xorg's imx module because of ABI problem. This is OK.


Then built gstreamer for it according to http://boundarydevices.com/blogs/building-gstreamer-plugins-under-ubuntu.


After all, the video play has several problem.

1. video play window did not display on X but framebuffer. Even if on framebuffer, usually the play result is black.

2. totem and gplay start very slow. My rootfs is on usb disk, other application start very fast.


Guys, can you help me review the gstreamer build?


Thank you very much.