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How to merge 2 projects

Question asked by Daniel Thysell on Feb 7, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2007 by Daniel Thysell
What I want to do is to merge two separate codewarrior projects to be able to flash both of them.
I have a small bootloader and a larger application in seperate projects which both have been developed using codewarrior 5.0 for HCS08... The MCU is a MC9S08GT32...
The flash is divided into two partions... the application is being flashed to the first and the bootloader to the second...
I have searced around in this forum and found similar threads, but I can't seem to get what they are suggesting to work.
First of all, I don't get a file *.s19, which is mentioned alot... only files called *.abs.s19 are these the same?
It seems to as it is the *.abs that contains the important information.
I have tried to manually cut and paste these files but then the debugger won't load them... I have also tried to use the expert mode programmer to program a module after specifying the object file from the other project...
It seems that this is kind of an easy task, but I seem to miss some basic knowledge...
would be grateful for help
//Daniel Thysell,