Myke Predko

Combining keypad and touchscreen functions in DirectFB

Discussion created by Myke Predko on Jun 28, 2011



I would like to run an i.MX233 EVK application interfaces to DirectFB using both the LCD touchpanel as well as the eight buttons that are included on the EVK. 


I haven't been successful finding example code that brings in the touch panel (DirectFB  was built with the ltib touchscreen option selected) so I decided to go a more basic route and read the touchscreen using the traditional ts functions.  This seems to supersede the (LRADC based) keyboard read,


Does anybody have some sample i.MX233 DirectFB code that I could take a look at that accesses the touchpanel so I don't have to include the ts functions and I can run with both the touchscreen and the buttons?