Mike Morrell

Kernel 2.6.35 patchmerge fails

Discussion created by Mike Morrell on Jun 22, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2012 by Tony Garland


I have made some modifications to my 2.6.35 kernel and now I want to generate the patch files using patchmerge function of ltib. However, I get the following error... It seems there is no patches directory in the source tree. Is this a bug?


morrema@ubuntu:~/ltib-atlas2$ ./ltib -p kernel -m patchmerge
+ mv /home/morrema/ltib-atlas2/rpm/BUILD/linux- /home/morrema/ltib-atlas2/rpm/BUILD/linux-
+ cd /home/morrema/ltib-atlas2/rpm/BUILD/linux-
+ make distclean
+ cd -
+ rpmbuild --dbpath /home/morrema/ltib-atlas2/rootfs//var/lib/rpm --define _target_cpu arm --define _topdir /home/morrema/ltib-atlas2/rpm --define _prefix /usr --define _tmppath /home/morrema/ltib-atlas2/tmp --define _mandir /usr/share/man --define _sysconfdir /etc -bp /home/morrema/ltib-atlas2/tmp/kernel-2.6.35.spec
+ umask 022
+ cd /home/morrema/ltib-atlas2/rpm/BUILD
+ KSRC_DIR=/home/morrema/ltib-atlas2/rpm/BUILD/linux-
+ [ -z ]
+ cd /home/morrema/ltib-atlas2/rpm/BUILD
+ rm -rf linux-
+ /bin/bzip2 -dc /home/morrema/ltib-atlas2/rpm/SOURCES/linux-
+ tar -xvvf -
+ [ 0 -ne 0 ]
+ cd linux-
+ chmod 755 patches/patch-kernel.sh
chmod: cannot access `patches/patch-kernel.sh': No such file or directory
error: Bad exit status from /home/morrema/ltib-atlas2/tmp/rpm-tmp.44113 (%prep)
Bad exit status from /home/morrema/ltib-atlas2/tmp/rpm-tmp.44113 (%prep)
+ exit 1
Died at ./ltib line 1147.

Exiting on error or interrupt