SoC selection dilemma

Discussion created by danix on Jun 26, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2011 by Chunpeng Lu

Hi all,

I want to design a custom board, the system is going to be a prototype Smartphone with: 512MB mDDR, 2G/3G modem, WiFi+BT, 4" AMOLED, 5MP camera,...almost everything!. Superior graphics performance, high quality image/video, low power consumption and low price are all critical.

I got best SoCs from TI and Qualcom, but the package is not suitable for prototyping -  will cost me more than money

Now, here I come, I see all the imx family (I've experience with imx23, imx27 and imx28). Finally the chice is between imx51 or imx53; only these can qualify for the competition.

imx53 has superior performance clearly, but how about power. I couldn't find a power benchmark. also memory interface - DDR2 suffices for my purpose, but imx53 seems to have a DDR3 F/F

Finally, leaving all the unused features (like FEC, CAN, HDMI, AUX display,...) would it be possible to manage to fit the PCB to 6-layers?

Thanks in advance!