Bob Pomeroy

Inflexion UI on I.MX53 QSB

Discussion created by Bob Pomeroy on Jun 24, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2011 by Muhammad Awais Anwar

Still waiting on my dev board but trying to come up the learning curve for creating Inflexion UI projects.  I've been through all the workshops, videos, and a lot of the docs.  Is there anyone out there already using it?  I need to evaluate plug-ins for displaying low frame rate runtime gen'd bitmaps and would like to get others opinions on the whole development process. 

For example, are there any tools out there that helps in creating the module definition files?


Also, the Inflexion UI animations/themes are created in Windows but the modules and code behind modules are created, compiled, and tested on a Linux system.  I'm using VMware so I suppose I can just share my Windows locations with Ubuntu under VMware.  Any better ideas?


In general, anyone using Eclipse for any of this or just your general application development work?


Is there enough interest in Inflexion UI to create a new group?