Wayne Wayne

imx-lib build error using LTIB and a local kernel source

Discussion created by Wayne Wayne on Jun 27, 2011

Hi again,


I am using the i.MX535 on a Karos based dev board. I have successfully built the kernel using the source supplied from Karos along with LTIB. Great!


Now when I add imx-lib to the packages to be built I get the following errors www.pastebin.org/Btb1mN58 Taking note of lines 84 & 85 these files are present in the directory described. Also I was aware that the mxc folder was missing from the drivers folder in my local source so, this might be naive, but I copied the mxc driver folder from the freescale BSP into my kernel folder.


No change?I take it it is not as straightforward as that? Are there other things I should e looking at? Any tips would be great.