Myke Predko

Anybody seeing problems with DirectFB locking up the system?

Discussion created by Myke Predko on Jun 18, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2011 by Fabio Estevam
Hi,  This is for anybody working with DirectFB.  Thanx to help from my FSL FAE, I do have a basic process for building DirectFB applications - the libraries are not available to my main development process but I do have a way to work through them.  Now, I am finding that the i.MX233 EVK system using the image created by L2.6.31 is locking up (animation stopping and unable to stop the DirectFB application using ctrl-C) after a certain number of hours - "df_knuckles" stops fairly regularly after about 12 hours.  Has anybody working with DirectFB seen this issue? When I look at the change logs at, I see that there have been a number of memory leaks fixed from 1.1.0 (which L2.6.31 seems to have included) to 1.4.19 (which is the latest version).  I'm wondering if it would be worth the time to build and include DirectFB 1.4.6 into the ltib L2.6.31 or try something like QT.  Thanx!  myke