Stefano Tosi

bootloader or my own failure (?) can someone help ??

Discussion created by Stefano Tosi on Feb 4, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2008 by Joe Johnson
I am using CW for DSC56800/E version 8.0 targeting an 56F801A60 cpu on the 56F800DEMO board.
Problem story as follows:
build and download bootloader ver 1.3
disinstall jumper JP1 to disconnect JTAG i/f. Run bootloader after reset: it works fine and I see its prompt(s) on serial i/f
download S-record text file of my generated application (build option in PE cpu bean 'Serial download support':yes; boot start delay:3) using hyperterminal. It works and at the end I see the bootloader prompt 'Application started'. My application runs. I am HAPPY.
I expect now on next hw reset (pushbutton on demo board) to see the prompt of bootloader in hyperteminal screen and after the programmed 3s my application running again: NOTHING HAPPENS and bootloader remains in control. I am then UNHAPPY now !
Checked my application memory (using CW debug): entry point of application is at 0x0086; at 0x0080 there is the jsr 0x0086; 0x0085 contains 0003 - boot start delay. See please attached memory dump.
Everything seems to me ok...but it is obviously not: is there something missing or what maybe wrong ??
Is there someone who can help ?