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CRUX ARMHF 2.7-test0 mmc image available -blog archive

Discussion created by nico macrionitis on Jun 12, 2011
crux-armhf-2.7-test0-2G_image.xz (935M) - it's a full working MMC image of my machine that does use ilenia as ports manager and overlay supervisor. Thus a 'man ilenia' could help. It has the serial console and sshd enabled and a static IP.  Toolchain (trunk): binutils-2.21.52, gcc-4.6.1pre, eglibc-2.13.90  Known issues: 1) wrong file-5.07's output (like on PowerPC) for some kind of files type. e.g. root@efikamx:/mnt/DEVEL# file mio mio: DOS-executable ( root@efikamx:/mnt/DEVEL# md5sum mio ba52d7e6f0c41a7bcaf49a216864e34a mio  instead it should be.. acrux@killer:~$ file mio mio: Linux rev 1.0 ext2 filesystem data acrux@killer:~$ md5sum mio ba52d7e6f0c41a7bcaf49a216864e34a mio  2) alsa-utils does build but segfault