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Software Footprint size

Discussion created by Prasad Rotti on Feb 2, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2007 by Tom Thompson
I am currently using a HCS12 micrcontroller. My confusion is how do I know the size of the actual software that is being loaded in to the processor.
Should I just check the size of .h12 (executable) created as displayed in the properties window in Windows?
Or should I check the amount of memory utilized in each of RAM,FLASH and EEPROM using the generated MAP file and sum them up?
Eg: Assume the map with this content
start 00000800 end 00000812 length    18 segment EEPROM
start 00002000 end 0000223a length   570 segment IRAM, initialized
start 000fee89 end 000ff0c3 length   570 segment IRAM, from
start 0000223a end 000024c5 length   651 segment .bss
start 000f8000 end 000fb394 length 13204 segment FIXED1
start 000fb394 end 000fb3c0 length    44 segment .const
start 000fc000 end 000fe915 length 10517 segment FIXED2
start 000fe915 end 000fee81 length  1388 segment CFIXED2
start 00000000 end 00000147 length   327 segment .debug
start 000fff80 end 00100000 length   128 segment .const
start 000fee81 end 000fee89 length     8 segment .init
So do I get the software footprint size by just summing up the lengths above?