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Copy image from included micorsd card to a larger 8G card

Discussion created by troy condit on Jun 15, 2011
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Hi all,


Just wanted to comment on how I copied the image from the 4g card to a new larger 8g card.


First let you know I'm a windows guy and new to linux, so the posts that show how to do it with the command line and LBIT were a little scary looking.


I used VMplayer and used two usb to SD card readers using a terminal issued a dd command.

That worked and the board boots just fine.


My goal is to get Apache up and running ( im new to this as well)

and create a server that will display data that is received  over the QSB serial port, any hints would be apriciated.


What I need to do now is the dd command created a 4g partition and left the other 4g alone. I need to figure out how to merge them into one so installs will be easier.


Then isntall and set up a web server.

and last figure out how to take control of the Serial port, I will be using C++ but need to know how to disable its use by u-boot.



Thanks Troy