Bruno Costa Garcia Chaves

Using a NAND to boot iMX53QSB, and how to enable USBH3

Discussion created by Bruno Costa Garcia Chaves on Jun 15, 2011


I have a customer that needs to use the Quickstart board "as is" for a prototype, and wants to use the J13 expansion connector (or any other connector at the board) to connect to a proprietary board, that should have: 1) a NAND flash memory to boot the system; 2) a system to USB Host 3.

However, at the J13 expansion connector, there are no Address lines to use a memory (just data pins, and GPIOs); and the data pins to USBH3 are available, but the control signals (USBH3_nxt, USBH3_DIR, USBH3_CLK e USBH3_STP) are not available.


So, this expansion connector is just to connect a Display, or use the serial busses? Is there any way to boot from a NAND flash and use USBH3 at the QSB without making any spider circuit?