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MC13213 SRB

Discussion created by Chung Shien Chai on Feb 2, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2007 by Cyril Zarader
I have 2 MC13213 SRBs. I want to write a simple program that when i press switch one board, another board's LED will light on. but the program i wrote seem don't work at all. I had bought this develop tool for 3 weeks, and still i don't know how to make this transceiver work yet.

anyone expert in MC1321x and normally program in assembly language (i don't know much on C language)? here i attached the program i write, can anyone help to pin point the error? or anyone can help me writing this simple program where
1.pressing swicth1 on board A will cause led1 on board B light on and vice versa
2.pressing swicth2 on board A will cause led2 on board B light on and vice versa

when i buy the MC13213 SRB develop tools, i come with some demo application, which is written in s19 format, can i read this file in assembly language?

it is kind of urgent for me, thanks.