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Coldfire: identical project does not produce identical binary output

Discussion created by Joel VanderZee on Feb 1, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2007 by Joel VanderZee
I have found that different developers produce different binary output from the same project with the same tools. I would like to know what other factors we need to control in order to reproduce the output on different workstations.

The CodeWarrior IDE Help->About list of installed products shows the same versions of all the same files. The project .mcp file and all source files are identical, checked out of version control into the same local pathname. I already found that an existing *_Data directory can affect the build, so our procedure is to delete that folder before opening and building the project. I believe that developers have the same standard libraries, but it should not matter because we are building library projects, which do not link in any external code.

For some projects, the different workstations do produce the same output, but for others, although the output files are the same size, the contents do not match. I suspect that both the contents are rearranged within object files and the order of the objects may be changed, but I do not have proper elf tools for this format, so I am guessing from looking at binary differences. The differences are not in path names, labels, or other text information.

Any ideas what else could cause the differences?

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