Alex Parkinson

M52233DEMO: Can't connect to PEMicro USB

Discussion created by Alex Parkinson on Feb 1, 2007
Latest reply on May 9, 2007 by Chuck McParland
Hello all,

I had my M52233DEMO working fine and was able to run code in RAM and ROM. Using CF Flasher, I was programming an s19 file with the "Verify after program" setting enabled. The programming stage completed fine, but when it came time to verify, I received an error message saying "Error: BDM established, but cannot write D0". I tried reprogramming the device to no avail. After trying everything with CF Flasher, I tried using the flash programmer within CodeWarrior, but I'm not even able to connect to the BDM (I get an error message saying "PEMicroProtocolPlugin: Can't connect to PEMicro via USB". I'm also unable to communicate with the BDM using gdb.

I didn't change any settings or jumpers between when the BDM worked and when it didn't work. The BDM_EN jumper is installed, the board is receiving power and when I plug and unplug the BDM, I hear the 'bedoop' sound Windows makes when a USB device is plugged in, so it seems to be communicating with Windows fine. To be sure, I reinstalled the drivers, and that didn't work either.

What could have happened to my BDM? Is there anything I can do to rescue it? Just as I was starting to be satisfied with myself for getting everything working (CodeSourcery, Eclipse, GDB, etc.), this happened and now I'm lost. Please help.

Alex P.