Cheap, simple, and BDM

Discussion created by MIKE YETSKO on Jan 31, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2007 by bigmac
Ok, I have a small 'favor' project I have to do for a Scout Troop. I figured I'd do it with an O8. My selection criteria of what I'm looking for includes:

BDM support
DIP package

I want BDM support, since I have a USB-BDM cable, and at least some of the 08 family parts support BDM. That will make it a no-brainer to get it up and running quickly.

I want it in a DIP package, since I'm making only one of them for now, and will be attacking this with a wirewrap tool.

I want it Cheap, since this is a donation type thing, so I'm looking for what I can get as a free sample for a 1-up.

Ok, now that the important things are out of the way... I'll be using 1 serial com port, 8 inputs, and 8 outputs. If I have to, I can easily 'latch' the outputs on the same port as the inputs, and use an input buffer that is enabled and an output latch signal. I might also need two other inputs as switch inputs... But that may be later.

Any recomendations as to which 08 part to use?

I'd use a 9S12 part, since I have a badge or two floating around somewhere, but I don't want to give that up and loose the badge!