Cho Sau Ngai

How to start the programming for MC13213

Discussion created by Cho Sau Ngai on Jan 31, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2007 by Ryan Striker
Dear all,
I have designed a small device which can collect the brain signal of mouse and then send the host computer by the integrated zigbee in MC13213.
Could anyone tell me how to start the programming part of my project?

I have download the code Warrior and I found there is no library for MC13213 or I dont know which one i should choose. Should it be HCS08G Family--> MC9S08GT60 for MC13213?

Besides, any driver for my device to be connected with PC?? I am using an external FT232BL which can use USB bus to connect to MC13213 with the RX and TX pins. Am I right?

It is my final year project
Many thanks for your help.....

Kelvin Ngai