Bob Pomeroy

Please publish LTIB configuration that works

Discussion created by Bob Pomeroy on Jun 2, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2011 by ErwinJohnSaavedra

I have spent way too many hours trying to find a Linux host and LTIB distro from Freescale that works together.  I have tried Ubuntu 11.04, 10.04, 9.04, 8.04 and Fedora 15.  I got the farthest wth Fedora 15 but can't get past the error I posted a couple of days ago (mtd-utils fails to build due to missing lzo/lzo1g.h file).


I have tried L2.6.35_1.11.01_ER_source_bundle.tar.gz (for iMX51) and L2.6.35_11.01.00_ER_source_bundle.tar.gz (for iMX53 on SABRE reference design tablet).  They all install just fine but LTIB never finishes the initial one-time build process.


Can someone please detail what Linux host and Freescale distro worked for them.