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MCF5213EVB and CodeWarrior, Problem with "inline Assembler"

Discussion created by Ralf Flechsig on Jan 30, 2007
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I've tried all possibilities of writing an "inline assembler" instruction into an C-function:
My trials:
and so on. But I gained these error-messages while compiling:

if writing "asm" or "__asm" (equal what followed):
"ERROR: declaration syntax error
rfInterrupt.c line 21 asm(or __asm) "

and if writing "_asm":
"ERROR: undefined identifier '_asm'
rfInterrupt.c line 21 _asm"

I've made a lot of changes in the compiler settings, cause I didn't like when the compiler ignores Warnings. But why should the 'inline assembler'-option be affected from that?
I am a Newbie in embedded developement, a student.
I searched every Manual, which is delivered with CodeWarrior for the keywords "inline" and "assembler" but I did't find anything, what fits my problem. Then I searched with Google and in the Freescale Knowledgebase, because until now, I was able to solve every Problem with CodeWarrior on this way. But now I need your help.
What should I do?