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Enabling "directfb.h" for i.MX233 running L2.6.31.

Discussion created by Myke Predko on Jun 7, 2011
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I would like to try out DirectFB for my application - I have enabled the package in ltib (2.6.31) as well as run:


./ltib -p DirectFB.spec -f


and opened up the examples using:


./ltib --mode prep --pkg DirectFB-examples


But, I don't seem to have "directfb.h" put onto my system.  Those were the only .spec files I could find with "DirectFB" in them. 


Is there anything else I should be doing to put the directfb.h into the include paths?  If this isn't showing up I'm wondering if the kernel is being built properly. 


One other anomaly that I see is that I don't have the <LTIB_PATH>/rpm/linux/include produced.  I did see it when I was working with the i.MX257 and its ltib but I don't here - could I have built it incorrectly? 


I'm also curious as to what is the correct way to invoke an application which uses DirectFB?  I'm curious because the input parameters (argc & argv) are passed to the DirectFBInit function. 


Finally, where can I find some good examples showing how to create DirectFB applications (especially using a touch screen)?  I have brought out the included examples (as you can see above) and have looked at the ones at, but I'm wondering if there are any others.