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PC/Mfg Tool does not recognize Mass Storage Gadget from i.MX233 EVK.

Discussion created by Myke Predko on Jun 3, 2011
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Having figured out the SD Card boot and SD Card NAND Flash update, I'm looking at the Mfg Tool for loading the i.MX233's NAND Flash directly. 


I can start up the Mfg Tool without any problems. 


When I plug in the EVK with the four DIP switches set to 0-0-0-0, the Mfg Tools, recognizes it at the expected USB hub as a "HID-compliant device" and the "MX23 Linux Update" profile is selected.  I also have the EVK's  connected to a serial port to observe the boot. 


When I click on "Start", the recovery Linux image appears to be loaded and the Linux boot starts and runs to "6.11 mxs-mmc: MXS SSP Contgroller MMC Interface Driver" or "7.63 g_file_storage_gadget: high speed config #1" on the serial display with the additional text on the LCD being:

Starting UTP

disable turn off display


uuc 0.2 [built May 17 2010 10:36:10]

UTP: Waiting for device to appear

utp_mk_devnode: creating noe '/tmp/utp' with 10+222


If I look at the PC's device manager, there is a new "USB Mass Storage Device" (when the Mfg-Tool gets to 7.63) at the next port on the same hub as the HID Compliant device. 


After a few minutes, the Mfg Tool stops with "Updated Error 0xffff0000 (-65536) -". 


Any ideas?  I'm running a Windows 7 PC (which hopefully isn't the problem).  I'm wondering if I should explicitly specify a Windows USB MS gadget driver for the device (crossing my fingers the next time I plug in it uses the same driver).