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HI-WAVE: RTSHC08.C not found

Question asked by Udo van der Meer on Jan 29, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2007 by Udo van der Meer
I've got a problem with a program I wrote based upon MyWirelessApp: 802.15.4_MAC_FFD_1.063.Lib

Building gives no errors.
But in HI-WAVE:
(Target set to HCS08. Device set to 9S08GT60.)

* In the mode: Full Chip Simulation, the programm works fine.
It starts in the file C:\Documents and Settings\****\src\code\Sys\crt0.c

* In the mode: In-Circuit Debug/programming, it can't find the code to start with.
The Source window headline says C:\Documents and Settings\****\mcp\...\RTSHC08.C not found

I think that the file location should be: C:\Program Files\Metrowerks\CW08 V3.1\lib\hc08c\src\rtshc08.c , part of the Motorola HC08 library files.
The header states: PURPOSE : run-time support.

Why is that file needed?

In an older versions of my application, is always started with crt0.c

Thanks in advance,

13192-SARD (MC9S08GT60 + MC13192), CodeWarrior HC08 SE 3.1, PEMicro USB HCS08 Multilink