multimedia test with Totem

Discussion created by danix on May 31, 2011

Hi all,

I have gnome release built and running on the target...

but when I start totem, it loads on the target but displays "canot start totem -- couldn't find location"

and on the console:


(totem :865) Gconf -WARNING **: client failed to connect to the D-bus daemon: D-bus launch failed to autolounch D-bus session: autolounch error: x11 initialization failed

Gconf Error: No D-bus daemon running



(totem: 865): WARNING**: gst_gconf_get_string: error:   No D-bus daemon running


**Message: Error: Cannot identify device '/dev/video1'.

v4l2_calls.c (482): gst_v4l2_open(): /GstV4l2Sink: autovideosink0-actual-sink-v4l2:

  system error: No such file or directory


**Message: Error: could not initialize supporting library: GstAutoVideoSink.c (367): gst_auto_video_sink_detect() : /GstGconfVideoSink: video_sink/GstAutoVideoSink: autovideosink0: failed to find a supported video sink


**Message: error: could not initialize X output

ximagesink.c (1232): gst_ximagesink_xcontext_get() : /GstXimageSink: video-sink:

could not open display


I just used the fsl gnome-release profile and LTIB built it successfully... but I couldn't understand any of the error messages...


All I want is to test multimedia on my custom board (imx233 based), design pretty much similar to the FSL reference schematic... I tried to build totem alone with LTIB, but it keeps throwing an error message saying "canot find sm" and suggest editing environmental variables...which I couldn't help

So anyone please help on how to run totem with gnome or tell me the simplest way to test audio and video on the target....

any support apreciated