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5475-Code FLASH boot

Discussion created by Wendi Whitcomb on Jan 29, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2007 by Wendi Whitcomb
I using the MCF5475EVB 16MB code Flash, 2MB boot flash.  I want to store my code in "code Flash and execute out of RAM.  My current attempts have been unsuccessful.
Briefly some of what I have done to resolve this issue is:
First write a program that is store in boot flash, copies itself over into external ram and executes.  Works no problem.
Next I have tried to use the bootloader LOSH form logic PD with the above program, with the following mods:
1.  Reset the Flash address to 0xE0000000, and use the correct RAM offset for losh.  I then recompile/link.
I attempt to upload the image to losh, but receive the following error:
error: load: general load failure (bad cnt 81 at rec 1)
2.  I have also tried writing a simple program that just jumps from boot flash to code flash where the program that copies to RAM and then executes is.
This does not seem to happen.  I am trying to get my debugger to halt on the jmp (that has not been successful) so I cannot be sure it is hardcoded.
Additional info:
I'm using MQX and the MCF5475EVB (2MB boot, 16MB code flash, 64MB RAM)
Any help would be greatly appreciated.