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i.mx28 evk and u-boot

Discussion created by Gianluca Renzi on May 30, 2011


just my $.2 cents for this dummy question:

with u-boot provided by LTIB on this starter kit (i.MX28 EVK) I am able to "format" and write 4 data files into internal sdcard using ethernet to download files into SDRAM.


mxs_mmc format 0 ---> format (actually write MBR) with all partitions needed to bootup the machine

  (part1 --> Id 0x00 for environment and linux uImage)

  (part2 --> VFAT for file storage in vfat format (useful as usb-device mass-storage))

  (part3 --> EXT3 for rootfilesystem)

  (part4 --> Id 0x53 'S' for sb, bootlets and u-boot for real-boot-off sdcard)



mxs_mmc install 0 sbImage (write the part4 data in binary form)

mxs_mmc install 0 uImage (write the kernel side of the partition for uImage)

...and HOW the hell is mxs_mmc install 0 rootfs working? In wich format? I suppose in binary form, but how can be done? Using dd or whatever??


Please help,