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MC9S12DP512 crystal selection

Discussion created by Mohamed Othman on Jan 26, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2007 by bigmac
I am designing a board for MC9S12DP512, and I have to select the crystal.
I chosen to go with the Pierce configuration. I understood that the two capacitors value will be equal to the load capacitor of the crystal (suppose to be 20pF so C1=C2=20pF) , and the Rb will be (according to Freescale notes AN2727) about 1M. Now in the Freescale notes, they say that there is a serial resistor to be added Rs to the crystal circuit and its value is to be obtained from the manufacturer. I am using the FOX 16Mhz crystal and I have searched the whole manuals for the Rs value and I couldn't find it..
Does anyone go through the Crystal design for the MC9S12DP512? and what are the value of the Pierce serial resistor?
I appriciate any help here..