Darrell Washington

Interfacing the HCS12 with a Maxstream RF

Discussion created by Darrell Washington on Jan 26, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2013 by Paul Buchana
Hello I am new here. For a senior design project (undergraduate) my group and I want to desgin radio transciever that communicate with each other using ZigBee technology.
Is it possibe to interface the HC12 (actually the MC9S12C2) to a Maxstream 2.4GHZ radio transciever (XBee OEM RF module )?
I will keep VCC on each IC at 3.3V for low power consumption. I interfaced the HC12 with Maxstream 9XCite (900 MHz)  but it was not using ZigBee technology.
Will it be an easy wiring problems just using Rx and Tx?
Thanks for the help. you can call me at 281-216-8662 also if you want to answer me.